Privacy Policy

FmRadio365 is hereby stating about its Privacy Policy for the user through FmRadio365 across the World. This policy can also be known as a valid, but without consideration agreement of FmRadio365 with its user. All the terms stated in the Agreement of SERVICE and USE and at other pages of website and links ( have been settled between FmRadio365 and user with their full consent and the FmRadio365 has not concealed anything about it from the Broadcaster and User and the user of application of FmRadio365 is deemed to have knowledge of all the terms and conditions of policy and agreement with the FmRadio365. The user has also gone through the terms of Agreement of Service and Use and has understood the same and agrees with the same. “Privacy Policy”: – is the private policy of the FmRadio365, which the user can accept or deny. If the user accepts it, it will be considered that the user has gone through the averments of this policy and has accepted the same without any doubt or confusion and he/she is bound to the terms of user agreement. This policy and user agreement cannot be accepted or denied partly by the user. This privacy policy will be referred as policy hereinafter. “FmRadio365”: – RadioShack: Live AM,FM & Music is the most simple and best way to listen your radio station, AM, FM and live streams. Join now to get best experience for live streams. You can listen your country radio from anywhere in the world. Radio shack is the #1 player for the internet based radio stations. The collection of best radio stations, live talks, music, news, sports including virtualDj Radio, K-Country 93.7,FOX News Radio, Star 104, Hot 104.1, Smooth R&B 105.7, The Beat 97.9. “State”: – is the country of the user. “Broadcaster”: – is the Radio Channel listed with the FmRadio365, which can easily be accessible to the user through the FmRadio365. “Radio Listening Facility”: – means the services being provided by the FmRadio365 through the various mode of services at free of cost making it clear that FmRadio365 is not recognized as service provider as it is only a facility provided by the radiofm though mentioned as ‘service’ in this policy for the sake of convenience. “Mode of services”: – Services availed on any desktop, laptop, Mobile, Smart TV, Internet, Internet Radio device, in-car entertainment devices OR any other internet enabled devices powered by FmRadio365, RadioGenre OR Radio Play Partners. The only purpose of FmRadio365 is to inform its users through this privacy about the use of Radio channels throughout the world through FmRadio365. The details given as under: – Since this policy is written in simple English language and FmRadio365 has no liability to translate into the any particular/specific language of user and while going through this policy and while accepting the terms of Agreement of Service and Use, it will be believed that the user has accepted the terms of this policy and said agreement after going through the same in his/her own language/vernacular. All the services hereinafter provided are being provided by the FmRadio365 without any type of consideration. No consideration in any manner will be charged from the user. If at any time, the FmRadio365 thinks about charging of any existing service or newly launched service, it will not be charged without the consent of user. In such situation, every user will have right to choose any services either paid or free before availing the same. The services being provided to the user are as: – a. FmRadio365 provides a platform to its users, through which a user can easily access any Broadcaster of the world, which is in the list of FmRadio365. However, Broadcaster can stop its working at any time and the user will have no right to challenge it in any manner. b. The FmRadio365 may provide its users, other knowledge through any process such like advertisements, banners, stickers etc. through more of services to increase the area of knowledge of user. c. The FmRadio365 also provides the user to choose Broadcaster, favorites, they have listened to or in which he/she has expressed an interest. d. The FmRadio365 or its advertising partners use user’s usage habits to improve its service and personalized experience. e. More than 36000 free radio stations, Play radio stations with high quality streams, Add Radio stations to your favourite list , Search radio station with country, genre and name, Sort radio stations and countries in ascending, descending, number of stations order. The FmRadio365 suggests the user to provide following personal information of its users before installation its application by the user. But, said information will never be disclosed upon anyone except required by the courts of law or by the any concerned investigation agency of the State or required by competent Govt. Authority of the State of user or FmRadio365 or the information has been made for the public by the user. FmRadio365 also suggests the user to provide other non-public information from the social network website and said information can also be shared with anyone without the knowledge of the user, once given to FmRadio365. The following information is optional, but if the user opts to provide the following information to the FmRadio365, it is to be given as: – a. Name, Age, parentage, Residential Addresses (both permanent and temporary, if any) with ZIP or Postal code, Office Addresses, email, website (if any), mobile number, landline number or any other contact number etc., language preference, b. Any other services of any other application of similar to the FmRadio365 being availed by the user, c. Personal habits to let the FmRadio365 know about the habits and behavior of its user in different states, d. Suggestions, if any, e. Geographical information as required by the FmRadio365, f. Information made for public or not. 3 (i) User will inform the FmRadio365 in respect to change of information mentioned at clause 2 (a) with immediate effect. 3 (ii) FmRadio365 can share all the information provided by the user with its other allied offices, which actually works for the betterment and development of FmRadio365 without the knowledge of user and user will have no objection of it. 3 (iii) In case of Merger, Sale or Re-constitution of FmRadio365, the information provided by the user will be transferred to the subsequent owner/master and it is not necessary for the FmRadio365 to obtain the user’s consent in this regard and the user cannot in any manner challenge/object the same. 3 (iv) In exceptional circumstances like flood, storm, earthquake and any other acts of GOD, wherever the system remains out of control, then the FmRadio365 will not be held responsible in any manner for sharing of any information provided by the user in any manner with anyone in the world. It is hereby clarified that some features of the application of FmRadio365 will not work without providing the above information. 4.Your Public Information may be seen on the application, software, website, or at any other place of FmRadio365 or internet through any via media of communication, knowledge, visiting and enjoyment as stated above in the ‘mode of services’. For instance, your profile or screen name may be searchable by search engines like many common social media services. 5. The FmRadio365 observes your listening and usage activity. We collect information about stations, favorites, artists, channels, conversations and tracks you have listened to or in which you have expressed an interest. 6. The FmRadio365 has also provided a service to the user to suggest or add any Broadcaster on the list of FmRadio365, which is not in its list. But, after adding Broadcaster subject to its approval by FmRadio365 and no objection of Broadcaster, the user cannot claim any benefit from the FmRadio365 on the pretext that it was his act to give FmRadio365 a new Broadcaster. 7. FmRadio365 suggests the user having age as approved globally and suggested by the IARC i.e. the age of 12 years or more to use, listen and download its application. If the law of the State restricts and prohibits or disagree with the global age given by the IARC, then the age of user must be as per the law of his/her state at his/her own responsibility. However, in India, the age of maturity is 18 years and the age of user in India must be 18 or above. The FmRadio365 is not responsible and liable to any law, if the user has given wrong information to the FmRadio365 regarding his/her age. The information provided in the required column by the user will be deemed to be the correct information in all aspects. The FmRadio365 also advices parents and legal guardians to monitor their wards/children’s Internet usage and to help them to enforce this policy. The FmRadio365 also provides its user a special right that if any user has reason to believe that some other user has provided wrong information with regard to age or otherwise, hen said informant user can send the FmRadio365 the correct information by any mode and then the FmRadio365 will make endeavor to delete that information from our records. 8. This privacy is subject to the Indian Law. Search your radio station from number of genre like pop, rock, rap, jazz, Reggae, House, Christmas songs and Classic . Radio shack is the best radio for iphone, ipad and ipod. Download FmRadio365 today and start enjoy hottest music, live talks, sports, news. For any suggestions/ query/ problem in app? Write to us on